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HVAC Design

Valley Duct Testing has been providing T-24 Calculations and HVAC Design services to incorporate into your building plans for residential and light commercial projects. Our focus has been T-24’s for new construction tract work – but our efficient, straightforward, and cost effective designs can be used for custom homes and remodel projects as well. HVAC Design work will include a plan schematic to include bath fan placement, HVAC equipment location, ductwork and register placement for a house. This is used by the HVAC installer to bid the job and is a blueprint for how to install the HVAC system for the house. All work is done in AutoCAD and follows common drafting standards.


What is a T-24? The term Title 24 or T-24 for short refers to the chapters of the building code related to energy. A residential T-24 or a CF1R is the most common T-24 and is required to get a permit for a newly constructed house. This is the T-24 report that we create from your building plans in order to get you a T-24 or a HERS inspection is also referred to as getting a T-24 – but describes the CF-3R paperwork that is completed after the building is completed. These tests may include a Duct leakage test or an Airflow / Fan Watt test for the HVAC system. Valley Duct Testing is available to prepare Residential and Commercial T-24 energy reports for homeowners and builders by a CEA registered T-24 analyst on staff. Our company performs these tests as well – but they are referred to as HERS testing rather than a T-24 report. 

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